love, the language of perfection
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This is who He is. He changes not.

Beware, the devil may still win a duel.
But take heart knowing that he’s already lost the war.

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i just want someone whose fire for God makes mine pale in comparison.


Oh the things You did for love..


The world doesn’t need to know about me, I do nothing. They need to know about Jesus, He saves.

We were sin-soaked.

People find a really hard time going, ‘So you’re telling me its that simple? That Jesus loves me? Not because of what I’ve done. My life look like this. You’re telling me He loves me, just for me?’ I think that’s really hard for people to get.

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dear God, i was terribly lost

when the galaxies crossed

and the sun went dark

but dear God, You’re the only North Star

i would follow this far

i would follow this far

Galaxies (All Things Bright And Beautiful) by Owl City

But don’t quit.