i'm glad You came, You make me happy
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In the end it’s always worth it and You leave me with no regrets.

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I’m not waiting for God to write my love story. My love story began since the dawn of creation; since He first thought of me.

You gave me a smile.

Loving someone will never not be worth it. So take heart, brothers, and love on.

Give me the biblical Christ or give me nothing.

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And on the seventh day God invented hugs, and then finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done.



This is worth re-blogging :-)

I just love how perfect it was explained even without using words.

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Love Poured.


It’s amazing how he says, “There is no flaw in you,” rather than “There is no flaw on you”. That’s love. Real love sees deeper than the outward appearance of a person. We should look at ourselves the way Jesus looks at us.

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i’m glad You came.

You make me happy.

We trust you fully, even though we understand partially.